Got questions about Epifany? We've got you covered.

  • How safe it is to place an order on

                    We use the latest SSL encryption technology to store and safely transmit your personal and credit card information through our systems. All orders are processed through a secure checkout system provided by Payumoney.


  • What are my payment options & how safe it is?

                   We have payubiz as payment gateway which is used by leading ecommerce sites across the world & You are absolutely safe with while ordering online & its is as safe as using your credit card in your favorite department store. We use the latest security technology, which includes data encryption, server authentication, and message integrity – which is like keeping your credit card information in a bank vault.


  • Are the prices on www.epifany.inflexible?

                  No, Beacause we always offer the best value by providing the lowest possible price in the industry.


  • Do you accept international orders?

                Yes, We accept the world wide order & ship through the best known courier partners.


  • I cannot see the Price of product?

                  You have to register first to see the price.


  • Do I have to register to place an order?

                  Yes, it is compulsory to register first for palcing an order because there are few step involed in order completion.


  • Why are there 2 buttons for add to stock cart and make to order?

                  Once you log in you can see the quantity we have in stock per colour and if you want to buy from stock you can select the number of pc you want and press "add to stock cart " button and it will be added to your Instock cart. If you want to order more quantity than we have stock you can select the quantity and press" make to order " . We have minimum quantity for make to order for different products.


  • Do you have minimum quantity for " Make to Order" ?

                 For make to order we have a minimum order quantity and it will pop up when you order less then minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity for each category fixed and it will be the same for all products of that category.


  • Can i only buy products which are in stock?

                   You can select exclude out of stock option on the products page and you will see only those prducts which are in stock.


How do I place an order?

  • First get yourself registered on
  • Add the products in your Cart & then confirm the order form your end.
  • Once the order is confirmed by you, then we will approve the order from our end.
  • After the order is approved you have to make payment.
  • After the payment is reflected in our account we will ship the shipment with 2 working days.
  • After the order is shipped we will intimate you with the respective shipping details.


  • If there was a problem or error while submitting my order, what should I do?

                   You can check the status of order in "My Instock cart " & "Make to order cart" incase of make to order respectively.


  • How do I check the status of my order?

                    You can check in Track order status in your account OR Go to my orders in your Profile.


  • What if I can't find the required product is out of stock or if I want to order in bulk quantity on your site?

                     We have a special option called "Make to order cart" for bulk quantity order.


  • What if I have placed a duplicate order?

                     Order is completed only after we confirm the order from ourside so there is no error for Duplicate order.


  • Can I cancel my order or return an item I purchased?

                      Cancellation can be done before payment is made. If you cancel the order after payment is made we will deduct payment processing charges of 5% and if the goods are already shipped, then both side shipping charges will also be deducted along with payment processing charges and the refund will be done within 7 days of the return goods received by us.


  • How do i returns, exchange the completed order & How long will I have to wait for a refund?

                         Sorry, But we don’t take product return, exchange unless it is damaged in transit or the design is not what you have ordered and you have to confirm the same in 3 days of reciept of the goods. In case we have to issue a refund it will be issed within 7 days of receipt of the returned goods


  • What are my shipping options & their charges?

                   Being into E-commerce industry we belive in faster shipping service for our customer satisfaction & regarding shippping charges we will inform you the charges based on the weight of the parcel and the mode of shipment you want after your order is approved.


  • Do I have to pay Shipping charges extra?

                   Yes, you have to pay shipping charges extra apart from order amount. We offer the best prices and we also negociate with shipping company to get you the lowest shipping charges.


  • How long does it take to get my order?

                   Usually the Delivery of product take 4 to 5 days after shipping & might extend in case of remote area delivery get delivered between Once we dispatch the order then your order will be.


  • How do I track my order after it has been shipped or if it is not delivered within the standard time frame?

                     You can simply track the shipment status from the courier site of which we will provide the details after we ship the goods or you can email or call us on our customer support no.